Wire Dog Muzzle

Looking for a wire dog muzzle, we have complete range at unbeatable prices.

There may be times in your dog's life when you need to use a muzzle. Teaching your dog to like wearing a muzzle is something every dog owner should do, not necessarily just for aggression problems, but in case you need to muzzle the dog in an emergency situation.

Finally a wire dog muzzle made for YOUR breed of dog!

  • Wire basket muzzles are very comfortable.


  • The highest quality, durability and style.


  • Prolonged use period without discomfort, able to drink, eat, pant.


  • All natural materials such as: chrome wire, leather, padded with felt.


  • Recommended after surgery, prevent from leaking wounds, chewing, swallowing foreign objects.


  • Fully adjustable strap with one buckle for quick and easy wear / release also double safety wire at the nose to prevent from accidental injury.


  • Recommended by Vets, Dog Trainers & Behaviorist


  • A long term solution that your dog won’t even know it is wearing it...

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