Muzzled Dogs in Public Places

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dog muzzle

November, 12, 2013



Should your beloved doggie be muzzled while walking in public places? We guess this question is actual especially for owners of large dog breeds. In fact, there is no strict law concerning wearing dog muzzles. In some countries only several dog breeds (such as Pitbull and Staffordshire Terrier) are forced to wear muzzles when they are outside their homes. Other case is when a dog is inclined to unappropriate behavior or if there have been situations connected with biting people; in this case he is compelled by law to wear a dog muzzle.


From the other point of view, if a dog wears a muzzle it means that his owner is taking responsibility for him. Moreover, it means that he cares not only about safety of everyone around but also about safety of his beloved pet.


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