How to Spend the Holidays with Fun with Your Dog!

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November, 26, 2013



If you want to improve your bond with your four-legged friend we are happy to offer you some ways of how to do it easily and with fun. As you know the holidays are closer and closer - first, Thanksgiving Day, then Christmas and New Year's Eve. So let's do not focus on some themes concernign training and behavior problems and discuss some other dog activities that will definitely bring fun both to you and your doggie.


1. Travel with your pet. Every dog is happy to accompany his owner anywhere, so give him this chance. Just remember about his needs of water, food and rest.

2. Let your canine discover something new. You can take him outside the city or you can explore together interesting stuff in the far city district.

3. Organize a dog pal party. Invite your friends with their four-legged companions. Don't think that this idea is silly, in fact, it is a brilliant opportunity for dog socialization.


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