Dogs muzzle

Training Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle

If your dog needs a muzzle to be safe, make sure you teach him how to comfortably wear one. The best type of muzzle to purchase is a basket muzzle which has holes through which you can feed treats and the dog has enough space to pant.
An anti-barking and anti-biting muzzle for dogs includes a muzzle portion
formed from a pair of generally trapezoidal flaps of elastic material sewn
together along the converging edges thereof, with the flaps being further
divided by a seam along the longitudinal centerline thereof to create four
panel members of the elastic material. An elongated strap is connected at
its ends to opposed seams of the muzzle portion. The muzzle can be slid
onto the snout of a dog and the strap fitted over the dog's head behind
its ears. The muzzle portion has a snug fit on the snout but the
elasticity of the material allows the dog to open its jaws slightly for
panting. If the dog tries to open its jaws wider to bark or bite the four
elastic panel members apply a force to the jaws to prevent them from
opening wide. The muzzle is not uncomfortable and it acts as a training
aid since the animal associates the wearing of the muzzle as a form of
punishment for barking or biting.
Dog muzzle apparatus
A muzzle apparatus is arranged for mounting to a muzzle portion of an associated canine, wherein the muzzle apparatus contains an ultra sound receiver, as well as a scent saturated gauze member mounted about the muzzle apparatus to enhance excitement and activity in an associated dog such as utilized in racing. A modification of the invention includes further structure for securing a dog in a limited ambulatory manner.

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