Dog Muzzle Training

Why should I muzzle my dog?

Aren't muzzles cruel?

Muzzles themselves are not cruel, but they may cause welfare problems if they are not used appropriately. If the guidelines below are followed, your pet will actually enjoy being muzzled. The most common errors are to only use a muzzle when something nasty is going to happen to your pet (e.g. when he is about to be injected) and to expect him to instantly accept the muzzle.

If you know your dog has aggressive tendencies, then it is irresponsible to risk the health of others by not taking suitable precautions. A muzzled dog will often be avoided by people and so muzzling may also help prevent your dog from being provoked to attack.

History of Muzzle Training

It appears that muzzle training was first used at a German police dog training school around 1956-58. The trainers were trying to solve the problem of police dogs that had an "arm fixation" or "sleeve happiness." (Remember the dog running beside the real bad guy looking for the training sleeve?) The muzzle was subsequently found to be a very effective aid in solving these problems. Many other side benefits were also discovered, some of which will be discussed later.


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