Dog muzzle

New Deluxe Baskervilles

Deluxe Baskervilles are designed for dogs which require a wide fitting muzzle (for example Staffies and Mastiffs).

A dog muzzle is a device which is designed to prevent a dog from opening its mouth. Dog muzzles are used in training, to retrain aggressive dogs, and to prevent barking. When used properly, a dog muzzle is a very useful tool which can be used to teach your dog more socially acceptable behavior. Many dog supply stores sell dog muzzles along with other tools for training, and a veterinarian or dog trainer can teach you how to use a dog muzzle responsibly.

Many dogs can be comforted by being talked to in a quiet, soothing voice. What you say is not important...the tone of voice is. Even the best behaved dog may bite if frightened. Early application of a muzzle actually reduces the need for additional restraint. Once the muzzle is in place the dog will often "give up" and stop struggling.  Several types of muzzles can be used. The end of the muzzle can be closed (basket-style muzzles )

A muzzled dog will often be avoided by people and so muzzling may also help prevent your dog from being provoked to attack.
Muzzles themselves are not cruel, but they may cause welfare problems if they are not used appropriately. If the guidelines below are followed, your pet will actually enjoy being muzzled.

The basket muzzle allows your dog more freedom to pant and drink if properly fitted,

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