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Dog muzzles control barking and deter dogs from biting. Required by law in many cities, the right size dog muzzle is vital for safety and security. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, buy the appropriate dog muzzle for your pet.

Know the types of muzzles to from which to choose to select the best muzzle for your dog. The two main types of dog muzzles are the basket type and the occlusion type. The basket type of dog muzzle allows the dog to pant freely and drink water at will. Basket muzzles are good for long-term use when the dog is outside. The occlusion dog muzzle keeps the mouth of the dog completely shut. Advised for short-term use only (because it doesn't allow the dog to pant or drink at will) an occlusion muzzle may be necessary when a dog needs to visit a veterinarian.

Choose the material you prefer for your dog muzzle. Dog muzzles come in a variety of materials that vary in price, aesthetic appeal and price. Basket dog muzzles come in heavy-duty wire (the choice preferred for aggressive, untrained dogs), leather (strong, attractive and expensive) and plastic (affordable and a good choice for less aggressive dogs.) There are also nylon dog muzzles that provide a soft muzzle for your pet.

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